I'll take your virginity.  |  (Random)

I'll take your virginity.

I'm so bored. You can hang around and wait for my step-brother to get home if you want but he may be awhile. Why did you come over anyway if you knew he wasn't going to be home? Oh I get it. You were hoping I would entertain you. You're kind of cute nerd. What are you nineteen? That's so cute. My step-brother told me you were a virgin, is that true? Well I'm not a virgin and it would be sorta fun to get to take a guy's virginity. Let me see your cock first. Go on, pull it out. Hey, you're the one who came over know I was the only one home so now you're going to do what I tell you to and I want to see you penis. Oh, that's not a bad look penis. Sure, I'll ride that thing if you can get it hard. First you have to lick my pussy. You probably haven't had any experience licking a pussy so I'll direct you what to do to mine. Don't be bashful my little bitch boy. This is just two people having fun and look who you get to lose your virginity to! I'm fucken hot if I do say and this is your lucky day that I am horny and feeling generous with my body. Ok, I'm wet enough. Kneel in between my spread legs and stick your hard dick inside. Don't worry, you can't hurt me if you slide it all the way in. I like being stuffed full by cock. You fuck pretty good for your first time but don't you dare cum inside me. You have to pull out and cum on my ass. I feel your cock getting harder, hurry and pull out! Oh wow, nice load. You better not tell my step-brother about this you little nerd but thanks for keeping me company.

Starring: Jessica Robbin

Date Added: 04/30/2021
Starring: Jessica Robbin
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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