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I'll be your baby maker.

I heard you and my step-mom arguing last night. I can't believe she is pressuring you to have another baby after only being married to you for a year besides the fact she really is to old to have one. You're a really great step dad and you should do what makes you happy. Your career is going well for you and you are in great shape so why throw these awesome things away on sleepless nights with a newborn? My step-mom can be very demanding and is so grouchy lately. You need someone to ease your stress and make you feel like a desirable man. Come with me to my room, I want to show you something. I think you're very attractive and you've always taken such good care of me I would like to take care of you right now. I want to give what I know my step-mom doesn't. Give me all your hot creamy loads step-daddy. I'll have your baby if you don't want one with step-mom. My pussy is young and fresh like the rest of my body. Wouldn't you rather give your cum to me? Will you let me suck you first? You taste so good. I'm sure your cock is going to feel better than I imagined. I'll spread my legs and you can slide it in. Oh yes, go deep step-daddy. Let me ride your big step-daddy dick and milk all that baby batter out with my tight pussy. Oh yes, give me all your cum so step-mom can't have any. We can do this any time you want a release. Just tell step-mom you have a headache from now on.

Starring: Veruca James

Date Added: 05/03/2021
Starring: Veruca James
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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