You must really want to keep your job.  |  (Random)

You must really want to keep your job.

You appear a little nervous. You should be. I don't call just anyone into my office except those with poor work performance who are about to get canned. You heard me right, you are very close to losing your job. I've decided to keep you around as my own personal play toy. Get down on the floor at my feet and worship them. I know they stink after being in stockings all day. Suck my toes and start stroking your cock. I want your cock rigid. When I lift my skirt I want your face buried in my pussy. Suck my clit. Oh god, you need better skills you're boring me. I want your cock now. Thrust that hard cock in me and do it deep. I like it hard and fast. Make me cum so I can get rid of all my stress that being your boss causes me. Ok, no bury your face in my ass and eat it. Every day you're going to lick my ass and munch it as you tell me how much you enjoy my scent. You will do what ever I tell you if you want to keep your job. Oh no, you don't get to cum today. You have to earn your orgasm. You're such a good obedient slave my little office bitch. Alright, I'm done with you. Tomorrow report to my office at the same time but for now, get the fuck out of my office.

Starring: Alexis Grace

Date Added: 05/09/2021
Starring: Alexis Grace
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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