Is this hot, or not?  |  (Random)

Is this hot, or not?

Do you think this outfit is too much for a first date? My step-mom asked to see the outfit I was going to wear tonight and then said its way too slutty. I feel comfortable and sexy. I cant tell by the way you're looking at me you think I look good. I have a confession, the guy I'm supposed to go on the date with tonight isn't really my type. I was hoping more to get laid than go on a date. I think I should stay home and we could have some harmless fun. I've always had a think for older men and my step-mom will be gone awhile. Let's do it!

Starring; Stevie Grey

Date Added: 08/27/2019
Starring: Stevie Grey
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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