I'm wearing your favorite lingerie.  |  (Random)

I'm wearing your favorite lingerie.

It's about time you got home to me. You know whenever I wear lingerie it means I am hot and horny for you. Come on, don't wait get over here and start nibbling my ear and neck. You know how much I like your gentle lips on my skin. Oh yes, do the same on my nipples. Here, let me make you feel good to by sucking your dick. I know you like it, super sloppy. Now you're nice and hard so you can slide it in my little pink slit. Oh yes, fuck it like that. Pull out and lick my pussy now, and my ass. Slide your tongue deep in my asshole. Your tongue is so talented. Ok, now fuck me some more until you cum. Fill my little pussy with your cum. Oh yes, feel that semen spew from your body into mine. You make me so happy honey. I will have to go buy more lingerie and be ready for you when you come home from work tomorrow to.

Starring: Sierra Sanders

Date Added: 10/02/2020
Starring: Sierra Sanders
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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