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We should stay home tonight.

Lets have sexy time tonight.

I've been wanting you all day

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I've been thinking about you all day - Charlie Valentine

I think I'm ready to give you my virginity.

You get birthday sex.

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Do not be a two pump chump.

I need you home with me.

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It's been a long work week, time to relax.

We are practically married anyway

I'm really glad you're here now. Electra Rayne

I've waited all day to play.

I get you tonight.

I've been waiting for you.

I wont be a bad girl again.

Good girlfriends make you feel better.

Valentines Day Satin and Sex.

We have to be super quiet.

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Lets use their bed.

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Your parents bed stinks.

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I wore your favorite color.

I dressed sexy for you.