I think I'm ready to give you my virginity.  |  (Random)

I think I'm ready to give you my virginity.

My parents just left and I think they will be gone for a few hours. I want to talk with you about something important for our relationship. We've been dating a while now and its time to give you what I consider very precious, my virginity. I'm a little nervous but I really want this, do you? You probably have a lot more knowledge of what to do since you're a guy. Can you guide me along? I know I would like my nipples licked. Will you do that for me? I want to touch your penis. It's big, do you think it's going to hurt me when you stick it in? You want to lick my bottom? I want to feel what it's like to be licked there. Mmm, that feels good. Now I want to taste you and stroke it. This is fun feeling your penis grow hard in my mouth and hands.

I feel myself getting wet from all of this playing around. I think I'm ready for you to put yourself inside me. You should probably be careful though since I'm a virgin, go slow for me. Oh, it kind of hurts but it's ok. Work your way deeper, I can take it all I think. I like this. I want to se what it feels like to be on top. Oh gosh that is really deep when I'm on top! Remember not to cum inside me. I want to stroke you until you cum. So that's what it feels like to have hot cum squirted on me! I'm so glad we could share this together. I love you and will always remember this as being my special first time. We had better clean my parent's bed though so they still think their little girl is a virgin.

Starring: Dillion Harper

Date Added: 12/22/2020
Starring: Dillion Harper
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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