Let's have a little quality time together.  |  (Random)

Let's have a little quality time together.

I'm so glad you could get off work early today and come home to me. No, nothing is wrong. See the way I'm dressed? I want us to have some quality time together. You have been working so hard and such long hours you deserve some good tender loving care. Let me undo your pants for you so you can get comfortable. Oh, you're already getting hard for me! I like that you're getting out of work mode and into sex mode. That's what I want. I crave you. Here bebe, I will stroke your cock and suck it for you so you can relax. You taste so good even after a hard day's work. Will you lick my pussy? Yes like that, make it wet so you can slide yourself in easily. You know I like it on top so let me ride you a little while until I cum then you can have it your way. You like my tiny ass up in the air for you don't you? I will raise it up high and arch my back just for you. Pull out when you cum so I can feel it between my fingers. You like making my skin shiny with your hot load don't you honey? Oh wow! You left half the load on me and half on the sheets! I'm so glad you came home from work early, aren't you?

Date Added: 10/17/2020
Starring: Odette Delacroix
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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