I've waited all day to play.  |  (Random)

I've waited all day to play.

I know how hard you work and need to unwind when you get home. I've waited all day for you to come home so I can help you de-stress. Do you like my pink bra and matching panties? You should come touch me. I'll take my bra off for you so you can lick my perky breasts. Flick you tongue on my nipples and gently pull at them with your teeth. Oh that feels so good. Isn't this fun? Put that mouth on my little pink pussy and eat me out. Oh yes, like that. Suck on my clit and move your tongue around. I'm ready for you to stick it in now. Climb on top of me and stick your cock inside. Oh bebe, your cock feels so good deep inside me. Don't cum until I ride you. I know how much you like to see my titties bounce. Cum with me. Fill me with your cum bebe. Oh I can feel your hot cum shoot inside my pussy. I'm so glad you're home from work but I had better go clean my cum filled hole out before it drips all over you. Love you bebe.

Starring: Vanessa Cage

Date Added: 03/31/2021
Starring: Vanessa Cage
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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